Where Mumma's Own Began

When my son was only a few months old I noticed he was developing small patches of eczema.  They would come and go and appear on different parts of his body so being a Naturopath I did lots of gut healing and gave him good doses of probiotics.  Whilst that helped I was noticing it was still popping up so I decided to start making my own washing powder to see if that would make a difference, which I'm happy to say it did.

Then about 2 years later when my son was heading towards his 3rd birthday we had a huge dose of reality.....he was diagnosed with Autism.  If you've been down this path you know it can be both painful and a huge relief all at once, certainly for me knowing meant I now had the power to make things happen. 

So between the eczema, the Autism diagnosis and now a few years down the track working with highly sensitive and unwell patients I decided enough is enough, it's time to set up a place where people can go to get help...  so here we are.... 

Mumma's Own.

Mumma's Own is a place where you can come for the latest information on general health and wellbeing plus you can grab my chemical free and environmentally friendly laundry products, with Mumma's Own All Natural Laundry Powder and All Natural Anti-Bacterial Laundry Wash already available for purchase from my store.  On top of this we have an All Natural Stain Remover in the works and we'll soon be launching the six week

Mumma's Own Gut Reset Diet Program.

Our weekly blogs will keep you updated with the latest health news and developments and you'll be able to also get your hands on some of my gut healing products which are currently being customised by me based on my clinical experience working with a variety of patients including many kids suffering from eczema, immune issues or have Autism.

So from the team at Mumma's Own, let's enjoy our health journey together.



I have to admit I have been so nicely surprised how well the Mumma’s Own washing powder has worked.  Our clothes feel so much nicer using Mumma’s Own washing powder and eucalyptus liquid softener, and my son loves that his socks do not feel chalky anymore.  Even my washing machine smells lovely!

Jodie, Port Elliot

I love that Mumma's Own is an all natural washing powder that still cleans your clothes. I find clothes come out softer in particular the towels.  For those stubborn stains from grass, make up, oil and the likes,  I just dissolve powder into a paste and put on the stained area - have had no problems removing anything to date. Will continue to be my washing powder of choice.

Janet, Grange